Healthy Vietnamese Dishes Worth Trying

Healthy Vietnamese Dishes Worth Trying


 Vietnamese dishes are among the best in the world. It is why you can find Vietnamese restaurants wherever you go. They are great-tasting dishes that are worth buying. The best part is that if you are health-conscious, you will find sumptuous meals. These are some of them.

Goi Cuon or fresh spring rolls

 Any Vietnamese restaurant experience will not be complete if you do not try a spring roll. Packed with vegetables and herbs, a plate of goi cuon could be a perfect appetizer. It comes in different varieties, containing shrimp, greens, and salad leaves, wrapped in rice paper. This dish includes zero fat but is still among the most flavourful dishes you will ever find. You can also eat one with a peanut or fish sauce for dipping.

Goi tom or shrimp salad

 This shrimp salad comes with a lot of different healthy vegetables, including cabbage, cucumber and jalapeno peppers. It also comes with a bowl of sticky rice on the side. Salad will never be boring again if you try this dish.

Pho or noodle soup

 Of course, you cannot have a complete Vietnamese experience without trying the country’s national dish. Made with noodles mixed with meat, herbs and clear broth soup, this is definitely a must-have. It has tons of fibre and antioxidants given the blend of meat and vegetables. If you are attempting to reduce your meat intake, you can request it too.

Chao Ga or rice porridge

 It might seem like your regular rice porridge at first, but the Vietnamese twist makes it even more palatable. It comes with added mushrooms, beans and peas. You can eat it with shredded chicken for flavour. The reason why it is special is that the prolonged cooking of the rice makes it seem like it is melting in your mouth.

Kho to or clay pot dishes

 Clay pots are a favourite in Vietnam since they help absorb heat and cook food evenly. They also help neutralise the acid content in any dish or add natural sweetness. Therefore, if you wish to eat a meal with extra sweetness without using artificial sweeteners, clay pot dishes are worth trying.

Rao Muong or stir-fried water spinach

 It is a vegetable dish that is quite easy to make. It involves stir frying the water spinach with garlic. When eating the dish, you can pair it with steamed fish and a bowl of rice. You might find it a little salty though, but you can request it not to include salt. Spinach has tons of vitamins and minerals which are good for your body.

These are only a few of the dishes worth trying if you are becoming health conscious.

You can buy them in a Vietnamese restaurant London offers. You do not need to fly to Vietnam to try them. Some restaurants even have delivery services. You can now have Vietnamese dishes delivered straight to your home. Once you have tried these dishes, you will not hesitate to have more next time.